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Can you really call yourself a blogger when you don't blog? This space has been silent for the last 7 + months, shout out to baby Dean for that. According to the last post back in February I was pregnant, now let's time travel ahead to September 2019 and I have a seven month old baby. Whoa!

If it seems like I am complaining about not having time to write, that is NOT the case. Life fucking rules right now. The first five months of Dean's life were rough, but each day gets a little easier and more manageable. Now that he sleeps through the night and actually naps, I have a little free time in the evenings. Time for knitting, reading, quilting, or sewing clothes. And wine.

It's a bit daunting going from zero time for hobbies to having an hour or two each night. What to do? Start a new knitting project or finish an old one? Trace a sewing pattern or cut out a pdf? Pick out fabrics for a quilt back? Watch 90 Day Fiance or complain about not having a show to watch and spend twenty minutes trying to find something that's interesting? Read one of the books I can't seem to stop buying despite having shelves of unread novels?

Sometimes the nicest thing in the world is doing nothing. Lying in bed with the fan on, eyes closed. A cat purring beside you. Watching your sleeping baby breathe in and out while the ocean waves on the sound machine lull him to sleep.

I'll get back to my projects one day. For now, life revolves around my guy.


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