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Whoa. Since 2002 I have been blogging in some form. It started out on Live Journal and then transferred over to Blogger. Sometimes posts would be written and go up several times a week, sometimes two posts in a day. Now it looks like the "latest" post was almost a year ago 😳

In comparison to the past my completed knitting, quilting, and garment sewing completed projects have dwindled... And it has been rough on me. Being creative with fabrics, patterns, and yarns was, and is, my solace in dealing with depression and anxiety. The first five months of motherhood was rough on me mentally. Dean didn't sleep, therefore I didn't sleep. And I didn't have time for the comfort of hobbies.

Fast forward a year. He is sleeping through the night and takes a nap during the day. He goes to bed around 8:00 each night. That gives me an hour or two of "me" time to sew, knit, quilt, and read. Oh, and crochet! I used my "free time" during the pandemic to learn a couple of stitches for a scrap blanket.

Everyone says that it gets easier and that there will be time in the future for my projects. It's true. Each day is a little easier. And each evening I look forward to knitting a few rows, sewing a couple of quilt blocks, or working on a new garment... if I have the energy. It's truly what gets me through the day. My hobbies save me. Has anyone ever mentioned being a mom is hard? 😜 Because it is.

There is more to come shortly...

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