Seamwork Almada

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Hiiiiiiiii! It's definitely been a minute since my last post and I've had a major change in my life. If you don't already know from following me on Instagram, I'm pregnant. Despite a lack of blog posts, sewing still has been happening behind the scenes (or in front of the scenes if you follow me on Instagram, but whatever), however, I have been more thoughtful about where my time is being spent in regards to sewing patterns.

One factor I always think about when making something is "will this get worn?" If the answer is "no" or "maybe, once in a while" then the pattern usually isn't purchased/sewn. Yes, there are some special exceptions, but 95% of the time that's how my mind works. Time is very precious and making clothing that is useful is really important to me. And when your back hurts, it's hard to get comfortable, and breathing normally is a luxury then time is extra precious.

So, what I'm trying to say is that I was able to sew this Seamwork Almada robe in an old school pre pregnancy Erin sewing session that was completed in an afternoon. I wanted to make a robe to wear in the hospital, for nursing, for this maternity photoshoot, and even out and about in the summer. This robe is the definition of multi use to me.

The fabric was purchased from Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz last month and it's a lightweight cotton voile in my favorite color (or non color if you want to go that route), black. It's sheer, so if this is going to be worn out on the town then I'll probably wear a tank underneath and leggings. But isn't the black so good? Yeah, this is going to get worn a lot for sure.

The Almada Robe was released a while back, maybe a two or three years ago? It's one of those patterns that I slept on and am confused why I didn't make much sooner. Directions were to the point and easy to understand. I omitted the snap on the front and it doesn't seem like it shows too much boob when tied correctly, interfaced the sleeve cuffs and waist ties for more structure, and used store bought bias tape which was kinda stiff in a good way. Still kinda in awe that this was all sewn in a day since that hasn't happened in a long time. Maybe the fact that the photoshoot was scheduled that afternoon put a fire under me haha.

Shoutout to the wonderful Kacie Jones for taking these photos. I met her through my BFF Ariana and have had the opportunity of working with her a few times now. She gets my style and vibe and Luke and I just adore her. I'm posting some photos that are more artsy and less focused on the garment, so deal with it 😀

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