Power Clash!

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Power clashing is when you wear leopard print shoes, a black and white striped t-shirt, and a floral corduroy pinafore. Ok, that is not the exact definition of power clashing and I don't know what the official definition is, but I feel like this outfit fits the description of what I imagine it to be.

Top: A Grainline Studio Lark Tee. Crew neck neckline with short sleeves. There are different neckline options and this is my first time sewing a crew neck (with this pattern) and I like it. Nothing super exciting to say about the construction of this, just serged and zig zag stitched my heart out. While making a knit t-shirt isn't the most exciting garment to sew, I LOVE making them. I like making things that don't chill in my closet and Lark fits well in my life and on my body haha. I've made two Larks with the v-neckline and I wear them constantly. Oh, striped knit is from The Fabric Store in Los Angeles (RIP).

Pinafore: The Helen's Closet York. This was the first Helen's Closet pattern I had sewn and let me just say, I am a fan! Her instructions are thorough, I like that she gives a quick overview on making adjustments if needed, and I like the diagram that helps assess the fit.

This is View A, the view with the large scoop side pockets. Oh, don't see the pockets? That's because I pattern matched themmmmmm! They're pretty decently camouflaged and I'm pleased with the outcome. If I was fancy and did gifs this would be where I upload something of me dancing around with my hands in my pockets.

The armholes and neckline are finished with bias tape. Attaching the bias tape was the most time consuming part of sewing. That said, I sewed this pinafore in a day, so it really didn't take too long since I was using premade tape. I used scraps, so my neckline is finished in black and the armholes are finished in red. It's so satisfying using up weird and random bits of bias tape from previous projects for some reason.

Current status: comfy dress (I've never worn a pinafore before and the word doesn't roll off my tongue very easily) in a fun corduroy print from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley, California. It was one of those impulse buys that needed to be immediately purchased so it could sit in my stash for a few years haha. Luckily I bought three yards of it because I needed to use more fabric than the pattern called for. The cutting layout had the front and back pieces going in opposite directions, which wouldn't work with the fabric pile. I ended up cutting the fabric with the selvedges together and the pattern pieces going in the same direction. Problem solved.

I'm bad about updating my blog, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of you who still read and comment on my posts. xoxox

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