2018 Make Nine

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In an attempt to get back on track with my sewing/knitting/quilting life I'm going to join in on Rochelle's 2018 Make Nine Challenge. Basically, I'm just going to share nine things that I'd like to make this year. Since I am late to the game (aka months behind schedule) I'm shooting to make one item from the list per month. Is it doable? Am I even going to see this through without getting distracted and making something else? Idk, guess we'll have to check in during December and find out!

1. The Kiss Quilt by Libs Elliott 
Probably going to either add a border or add extra blocks. 
2. XoXo Quilt by Green Bee Patterns
Queen size quilt for the guestroom. Time to use up the Cotton and Steel fabrics I have been hoarding.

3. Seamwork Audrey Jean Jacket
Ummm how cute is this!?!?
4. Seamwork Shelly Leggings
I need to up my work out gear game and this will be a great addition.
5. Closetcase Patterns Sasha Trousers
Can't go wrong with classic pants.
6. Grainline Lark Tee
I need a new TNT shirt pattern.

Knit Stuff 
7. Andrea Mowry Rose Cardigan.
Yes. Enough said.

8. Sophie Hines Euler Bralette
I bought the pattern and a kit. Just need to make it happen.
9. Noodlehead's Super Tote or the Sew Sweetness Aeroplane Bag or the Crazy Mom Quilts Show and Tell Bag.
Or maybe all three?

***List subject to change depending on new pattern releases and my short attention span. Do not hold me to above items because you will be disappointed.***

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