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One of my most loved patterns that hasn't been shown any respect (in the form of a blog post) is the Named Inari Tee Dress. I made a striped linen dress towards the end of 2016 and my sister called dibs on it 😐 Then in summer 2017 I made the knit version out of some purple fabric, wore it nonstop, and immediately didn't make a second version like I stated would happen. Finally, a month ago I righted my wrong and made another knit dress.

Photo of myself and the Inari thief, my sister Kelly.

There isn't much to say about the construction. If you can sew a t-shirt you can sew this dress. The fun details that I like are the slits on the sides, the slight cocoon shape, and the back hem which is slightly longer than the front. It's not a fabric eater (doesn't require a ton of yardage) AND it can be sewn in a knit or woven, which makes it pretty cool in my book. Perfect for showcasing a fun print since there aren't many pattern pieces.... hahah I have yet to sew it in a fun print, so don't even listen to me rn.

Check out my stripe matching 👍

Part of the reason I hesitated in sewing this is because of stripe matching. I got this cool fabric from Bolt Fabric in Portland when I was visiting friends in December and knew that I wanted to make another Inari, but didn't take into account that the stripes were irregular. I procrastinated, made an Instagram poll asking everyone if stripe matching was necessary (the answer was "no"), then got all annoying and lined everything up anyway. I figured that never once have I regretted stripe matching and if there was enough fabric I should just suck it up and do it.

Slightly dressy and super comfy = a win in my book. Another dress to come, for serious this time. I bought fabric for it this week.

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