A very social weekend

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Our good friends Chad and Cali had their baby on Friday, December 2nd. Luke and I went to their house to meet little Dailey on Saturday night and she is sooo cute!

I love my "goddaughter." Funny story about that, Luke and Chad have been best friends since childhood and when Luke found out that Cali and Chad were having a baby he decided that he was going to be the godfather. I told him that he can't just decide to be the godfather,  he needs to be asked. Luckily Chad and Cali have a good sense of humor and they laugh about it.

Unfortunately, I missed the baby shower a few months back due to a trade show for work, so I didn't give Cali her gift. The plus side is that I got to give Dailey the gift in person! I made her a little baby blanket with the black and white fabric on one side and red minky fabric on the back. Sewing with the minky scared me because the salesclerk put fear in my head, but it turned out being easier than anticipated.

Oh, another plus is that now I have a cute baby girl to sew clothes for! :)

This isn't going to be a huge deal for most of you bloggers out there in the world wide web, but it is exciting for me: I had my first sew day with a friend! It seems like there are a lot of people out there that get together with their girlfriends and sew. I don't know many people that sew, so getting together with Jessi was a first for me. I started on a new quilt (I will post my progress tomorrow) and Jessi mended a stack of clothing. She LOVES vintage clothing and had a few pieces that were needing some fixing. I had so much fun talking and gossiping with her. Hopefully this will be the first of many times we will get together :)

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