Christmas tree skirt

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I wanted to get in the holiday spirit, so I bought some Christmas fabric from Quiltin Cousins in Pismo Beach. When I told Shaun (the owner) that I wanted to make a tree skirt she had the best idea that saved me a LOT of time. She suggested that I fold the fabric into a triangle like I was making a paper snowflake. You know, the ones that you would make as a kid.

After folding this is what the fabric looked like.

I folded the fabric back to see where the shortest piece was.

Alright. After measuring I knew that I should cut at 21 inches or less.

 I folded the fabric back to the correct position and from the tip I measured 21 inches several times on the top piece. I connected the dots and drew a line across. I cut across that line which was hard to do because I was cutting through several layers of fabric.

 Next, I did the same thing, but only measured 4 inches in. It left me with what you see in the above photo.

 When it's unfolded it comes out as a perfect circle! Lebron was very suspicious of it and carefully crawled up to take a peek. Do you see the crease almost exactly across from Lebron's nose? I cut along it, folded the edges under 1/4 in and sewed them.

Next I made bias tape to go around the edges of the small inner circle and the outside of the big circle. I used this tutorial (my favorite) to make it. It's a bit time consuming in comparison to how quickly everything else came together, but the end effect is well worth it.

I sewed the bias tape along all the raw edges.

The finished skirt. Easy, easy, easy. My only complaint is that I used 1 1/2 yards of fabric, I wish I had gotten 2 yards. Do you see the line on the right side? That is where I cut, folded under, and sewed the raw edges. It makes it easier to put under the tree and you don't have to struggle with trying to get the tree through the center circle.

Please send me a photo if any of you decide to make one! :)

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  1. I love the fabric! Mine is polka dotted and ruffly. I wish it were my skirt. LOL