Making a quilt with cat distractions.

I imagine that someday IF I ever have a child I will prepared to deal with distractions while I am sewing. I base this on the fact that my cat Lebron seems to need a lot of attention whenever I am working on a project. He wants to be my number one priority whenever he sees that I am busy and I have to stop everything to pet him or cuddle him... or else he gets destructive!

On Sunday when my friend Jessi was over I sewed strips of fabric together for my quilt. Last night I cut  the strips into blocks and tried to arrange them on the carpet. Lebron did not like that one bit. You will notice in the above photo that he was prancing around trying to get my attention.

Next he decided to fall down in the center on the blocks.

"Pay attention to me!!!"

Before Lebron totally destroyed the layout I quickly gathered the columns in order and numbered them with a post it and sharpie. The smell of the sharpie offended Lebron and he left, of course as soon as I was done.


  1. That looks like an amazing quilt, and Lebron is a gorgeous cat... No wonder he thought they'd go well together ;)

  2. OMG. I love your cat. I mean seriously, how is that not the most adorable thing ever? The quilt looks amazing and it is obviously very comfortable (cats don't lie) :)

  3. Thanks, Debi! Lebron knows that he is cute, so he tries to get away with as much as he can!