Ebonys for MMM17


I think last year was the first year I officially participated in Me Made May. After completing a month of wearing something handmade everyday, it solidified what I already knew: I need more separates in my life. I've said it fifty thousand times, but my work environment is casual. Like jeans and t-shirt causal. And if I wore a dress?? Lolololol forget about it. So this month I am going to focus on sewing some easy knit shirts and garments that can be worn to my 9-5 and I will share about them here. Technically these weren't sewn in May, but I am just getting around to posting them now. My blog, my rules, okkkkkk?

A couple of months ago I made my first Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee in a mustardy greenish bamboo knit from Michael Levine. I guess this technically isn't the tee, it's the raglan tunic.  Moving on. I LOVE it.

Yeah, I know that I need to wear a different bra with this.

Construction wise it's super straightforward. If you've made a knit shirt before then this will be a quick and easy sewing project. It has the simplicity of a basic knit tee, but is slightly dressier, at least in my opinion. Directions are clear, diagrams are great, and I couldn't find anything confusing at all.

Shout out to that stain near my collar that I didn't notice until now.

I sewed as much as I could with my serger (God, I love that thing) and used a zig zag stitch for the top stitching and hemming. I don't know what it is, but I don't like using a twin needle and am totally fine with a zig zag. I don't like having to use two spools of thread. I don't like fiddling with the tension to try and avoid tunneling. It's not worth it (IMO), especially when I like the look of the zig zag stitch. That said, I'll probably get addicted to twin needles in a couple of weeks. Apparently, I like to declare things and then change my mind 😏

So, I needed another Ebony in my life and I made this one, as you can see. It is also  a bamboo knit from Michael Levine. I got both fabrics last year and hoarded them for the perfect unknown project, my future Ebony tops. These are going to rule when it's super hot out. My first summer sewing projects of 2017, CHECK. Now, let me go make no sense at all and work on knitting some wool socks 😹