Tres Archers


On a scale from one to ten, how sick are you of my Grainline Archer posts? Ten being really sick and one being stoked and not sick. If you answered "ten" you may want to click that little "x" in the upper corner of your browser. SORRY! I'm an Archerholic and here I am blacking out on Archers and you may not want to witness it.

Not as puffy IRL, uhkay?

The black shirt is a bit different than the others I've made so far, so I thought that I would blog about it. I did the lesser known version of this shirt, View B, the one with the little back ruffle. Cute, yeah? I think it would be even cuter in a lighter weight fabric instead of this black shirting. It was one of those online purchases from Mood Fabrics that didn't end up being exactly what I expected, but ohhhhhh well. I would love to make this again in black silk. Problem with that is that I would probably just wear it everyday because it would basically be my dream shirt.

The construction of this version is similar to the other ones I have made. There are a couple of new pattern pieces for the back, but other than that there isn't a major sewing difference when it comes to making the complete shirt. That said, I did use the sleeves, cuffs, and tower plackets from the Grainline Archer Popover Variation Pack.

I am showing the above photo for the following reasons:
1. To demonstrate how stiff this fabric is and how it is not the best for this shirt. I could prob go through a tornado and it would still look like this.
2. Because you need to know that I am clearly on Team Cat Hair Don't Care.

This checked flannel was purchased at Michael Levine in Los Angeles at some point last year. It's really soft, slightly thinner than I would like, unfortunately, and the colors are A++++. Totally worth the $5 or $6 a yard that I paid. I'm counting on this shirt to help keep me warm if there are any cold days left this year. The end of this week is supposed to be in the eighties and I am not stoked on it at all. Oh, and this is View A of the Archer pattern.

And I made this dog Archer a while ago and never took photos in it, so here you go. Another View A of the pattern sewn in Alexander Henry quilting cotton from Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo. My BFFs daughter, Addison, liked this shirt when she saw me wearing it, so I feel v v cool 😎

I'm not going to go over the modifications that I made from the original pattern (you can read about them here) because I don't want to bore you guys. This pattern has officially moved to TNT status, so let's drink some champagne to celebrate hahaha. Cheers!


  1. The View B Archer looks so chic, cat hair and all! I like the popped collar too!

  2. Your shirts look great. This pattern is a TNT for me as well. I have made 5 so far and have another one planned. I'd steal yours if I could, great job!