Meet up with Christine Haynes

 On Saturday morning my husband Luke and I drove three hours south to Downtown Los Angeles. We listened to Murder City Devils, Magazine Dirty, and The Bronx the whole drive, so by the time I got out of the car I was pumped up and ready for some fabric shopping! At 2:00 I met Christine Haynes at the FIDM campus.

 I have to admit, I was nervous about meeting her. She is someone that I look up to so much and I was worried that I would be a total dork and embarrass myself. Would I get nervous and blabber too much and then sweat excessively when I realized how lame I was being? Would she be bummed that she was stuck shopping with someone so uncool? Haha these are the things that go through my head!

Immediately, I felt at ease with her. She is one of those people who are so genuine and sweet, I wondered why I even worried. I felt like I had known her forever! We talked nonstop about sewing, our personal lives, and some of you bloggers :)

Amazingly I was able to keep my mouth shut about my dress. I wanted to surprise Christine by making one of her patterns, the Chelsea dress. I was super excited about wearing it to meet her and I think she was surprised! Oh, it was cool, when I was walking to meet Christine a random lady on the street stopped me and told me she loved my dress :) I'd also like to add that this is the most comfortable dress ever and the fact that it was so comfortable during a three hour car ride made it ever more awesome.

 We went to the Michael Levine loft and scored with some rad fabric. 5.9 pounds of fabric at $2.50 a pound = $16.04 including tax. Nothing wrong with that!

 Our next stop was to Islands Fabric, a store that specializes in Hawaiian fabric. Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything Hawaiian, I bought LA Lakers fabric. No, this is not a joke, I seriously bought Lakers fabric. It's for gifts though!!

After Islands Fabric, Christine and I parted ways. I had SUCH a blast with her and made her promise to call me when she comes up north. I am happy that I can call Christine my friend, she is one of the most amazing people I know.

Here are a couple closeups of the dress I made. I can't recommend this dress enough! The directions are so straightforward, it was easy to sew, and it's soooo comfy! I love how the look is so different from my muslin due to the different fabric. I used shirting from Mood and it feels so soft against my skin, it's amazing how much of a difference nice fabric can make!


  1. It was so nice to meet you too Erin! You are just as sweet as I thought you'd be and we should totally do it again! And nice job on your adorable Chelsea Dress. Especially the button holes :)

  2. OMG The Bronx was my favorite band my senior year of high school! haha! I haven't really listened to them since then, but I saw them live and they were amazing. It looks like you and Christine had so much fun and I wish I could have been there! I can't wait to see what you make with your new fabrics :)

  3. What an amazing day!!! I can't believe you bought Lakers fabric! Even for gifts...LOL!

  4. What a cute dress! I LOOOOOOOVE all that Hawaiian fabric-- so fun!

  5. Oh. Oh. Oh. Island fabric by the bucket load. Wow.
    It's great you got to meet Christina.

  6. How exciting!!! That dress is super cute!

  7. I understand your nervous feelings before you met Christine. I felt the same way when I met up with Marci (Oonaballoona), CHristine (Daughter Fish), and Nette (Sown Brooklyn). Isn't it funny how well seamstresses/bloggers get along?

  8. Meet ups are so special... What a wonderful day

  9. You guys look so cute in your dresses!