Two new things for a beginner

Before reading my favorite sewing book and before reading all of your informative sewing blogs I had no idea that I should be making muslins, the thought never crossed my mind! Isn't that silly? The other night I decided to put my new knowledge to use and make a muslin before starting my Sorbetto top.

As you can see, I went to town with my red Sharpie! 

I am so glad that I made the muslin. After trying it on I decided that I wanted to add a few inches to the length. So glad that I didn't realize that after I made the top.

Lebron loves watching me work on sewing projects.

The second new thing I tried was altering the pattern. It was a quick and easy horizontal slash alteration to add extra length. After cutting directly across to split the pattern into two parts I added a new piece of paper that was three inches (the length I wanted to increase) and taped it between the two pieces. So easy!

At the end of the night I learned that muslins are awesome, I will make a muslin each time I use a new pattern, and I should be making pattern alterations whenever I am not happy with the fit. Common sense for some, but new techniques for me to work with! :)

Next up, a muslin for the Meringue skirt.


  1. I used to think making a muslin was too much work. But I've been left with a couple of cute garments that I can't wear because I didn't.

    A lazy way to do a muslin, if you ever want to go lazy, is to do a muslin of what might be the fitting problem area, the bust.

    But a muslin is a great way to get familiar with how the pattern will come together. As a beginner it's nice to get a test run. I don't often see how the pattern comes together by just reading it. I need to actually do it.

    Here's to muslin-making! Woo!

  2. I started making Muslims for everything after I made my first blouse and it didn't fit. I was so disappointed that I spent all of that time on it and couldn't even wear it!

    I absolutely love your cat's name. Genius! I wish I would have thought of it!

  3. I just found your blog via Rhinestones & Telephones (hi!), and I just want to chime in about the value of making muslins! I'm so glad I made a muslin of the Sorbetto, too-- it was way too short on me. I'm learning that it's always a good idea to take the time to make one.

  4. Hooray, good job on being virtuous and making a muslin first! I only got it pounded through my head that I *must* make a muslin after I ended up with a few terribly-fitted garments! (Of course, making a muslin and knowing how to fix the problems your muslin shows you are two entirely different things: I'm definitely still grappling with that second half. Gah.)

    Be sure to show us your finished Sorbetto! :)

  5. Melizza - I agree that it's a great test run for beginners! I'm sure that once someone becomes a better sewer they might not need to do a muslin for every project, but at this point in my sewing life, I do!

    Lindsay - Are you a Lebron fan? My husband and I are huge fans. Except right now we are hating him because he is playing the Clippers and the Clippers are our team! Seriously though, the Lebrons (cat and human) are great.

    gingermakes - Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I will see more of you and your creations in the future! :)

    darling-autodidact - I just made up my muslin for the Meringue and I may have to make some adjustments. I agree that that is the hard part! If you have any tips, send them my way. I need all the help I can get.

  6. My last two projects have effectively been muslins... the blouse, while it fits and I do wear it, is a tad snug, and I'll definitely make a size bigger next time. And my coat, well it's rather roomy and I'd love a smaller version :) I'm not great with fitting, so it's hard for me to decide something doesn't fit until I've worn it for a few hours... I hope I get better at this--I want all my handmade clothes to fit perfectly! Isn't that why we sew?!

  7. Yep, I'm a massive fan of the muslin too! All the extra work is a pain, especially when you need multiple alterations - then it can get a tad confusing! But nothing beats the feeling of cutting into your special fabric knowing that it will fit and look great. I whipped up my Meringue toile (muslin) yesterday (living in Australia means I also live in the future - we're a day ahead!) and had to make some adjustments to it. I'm looking forward to seeing what fabric combos others will be using!

  8. thegarmentfarmer - It's exactly why we sew! :)

    poppykettle - It is pretty time consuming, but if it's what I have to do to have clothes that fit well, then I'm all for it!

  9. My husband and I are Lebron fans although we haven't been watching much basketball lately since our Sixers are just terrible. The last game we went to was against the Cavs so we got to see Lebron in action!

  10. Lindsay - That's so cool! I'm jealous, I've never seen him in person.

  11. Just finished my sorbetto today. I'm wishing it was longer, and this could've been avoided had I made a muslin. Grrrr.

    1. Next time, right?

      I just finished mine this weekend and I'm going to make more!