Scrap bag


On Sunday I made a little scrap bag. Don't you hate it when you are sewing and you cut off little pieces of thread, but there isn't a trash can near you, so you throw the thread on the ground?... I'm guilty! I knew that I needed to make this project in order to keep my house clean.

I used one fat quarter and from that cut a rectangle shape and two circles. From the cardboard I cut two circles. Only one circle was needed for the batting.

This is it! It stands up by itself and is next to me when I sew. The top is a 4 in embroidery hoop.

When it is twisted and folded up it looks like this.


  1. I need one of these. I am guilty too. :) Ran is always picking thread bits off of my butt while were out in public.

  2. Where can I get a pattern for the scrap bag?

    1. In my quilting class the instructor handed them out. I am not sure if it was her pattern or not, but I will try and figure out where she got it from.

    2. Thanks that would be great look forward to finding out

    3. I found it
      thanks for your time