Lavender neck bag. Is that what it's called?

I ran into my friend Finney  at the San Luis Obispo farmers market. He and his wife make the most amazing lavender products ever! I mentioned that I was going to make some Christmas gifts using lavender and he was nice enough to give me this huge jar to share with the ladies in my quilting class. Thanks, Finney!!!

I made this quarter moon looking bag filled with rice. I like it much more than ones I have made in the past because the shape is perfect for putting around my neck and I used an extra layer of fabric, so it feels more sturdy. It's filled 3/4 of the way with rice and three tablespoons of lavender. When I heated it in the microwave for two minutes and put it around my neck it felt and smelled amazing!

Technically I made the neck bag for Luke, but once Luke put it down Lebron decided that it was his and sat right on top of it.


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE lavender! That neck back looks perfect, much better than those straight ones you curl around your neck!

  2. Thank you!

    If you are ever in SLO on a Thursday night or Saturday morning you HAVE to go to the Lavender Smiths booth at farmers market. If you love lavender you will love love love their stuff! They make body butters, rooms sprays, oils, etc.

  3. Love the idea of adding lavender to the rice. Around here we call them "bed buddies"--keeps toes toasty on those cold winter nights. Thanks for the tip!
    Auntie k