Random stuff

 I had all this for breakfast. We still love juicing! Coming up with different combos everyday is fun and something to look forward to. It's amazing the way fresh juice smells and tastes, so different from the store. The mango wasn't as sweet and flavorful as I had hoped though :( My favorite combination so far is cucumber, apple, and a little bit of lemon. Very refreshing.

Lebron was sleeping in this patch of sun this morning. He is so cute. The morning is his favorite time of day. I know this because when he is happy he falls down a lot, literally he body slams himself on his side. In the morning he does this nonstop.

Luke and I this past Sunday. Can you tell that he likes his neck warmer?


  1. Your face is totally priceless in this photo. Love it! My new current veggie obsession is spaghetti squash. So much fun to scrape!!!

  2. I don't think I have ever made spaghetti squash. I need to try it.