I'm not a "beader," but I still like jewelry.

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One of the cool things about Carl is the fact that she is very creative. She is very into beads and I am not, but that didn't stop us from hitting up some bead shops this weekend!

We went to a bead store on Sunday morning and I fell in love with these rose beads. I bought two sets of beads, clip on earring pieces, and some special glue.

I made myself some clip on earrings! The colors of the actual earrings are closest to the bottom photo. I LOVE the green ones, but I am not into the coral ones. Let me take that back, I just don't like the size of the coral roses. The clip on backing is much too large and shows more than I would like. That's ok though, I should just give them away to a younger girl that doesn't have pierced ears.

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