Juicing and quilting, an interesting combination

Last night Luke and I juiced for the first time. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruits (see above) and veggies (in my refrigerator) to make recipes from the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead website.

Last nights recipe consisted of two pears, one apple, and a piece of ginger. So good! There was enough to fill a wine glass. I had to make the juice twice because Luke wanted his own without the ginger which was fine with me because I don't like to share! :)

This morning I threw a handful of spinach, two beets, three carrots, and an apple into the juicer. It made a LOT of juice! The photo of the mug above is actually after I had drank a bit, so this recipe produced a lot more juice than the first. I started out using the same size wine glass as last night, but it became very clear that it wasn't going to fit. This juice wasn't as amazing as the first one I had made, but still very enjoyable.

I have to post this photo as proof to show you guys that I am still sewing! I have sandwiched the mystery quilt for the mystery person. What that means is I put a quilt backing on the floor, taped it down, sprayed an adhesive on it, and spread out the batting over it. I repeated this process with the quilt top.

Next I will do the actual quilting and add a binding. Eeee I can't wait to give this gift away!


  1. This is soooo exciting! All of it! Including the pretty quilt! <3

  2. Thanks, Sarahfae! Do you have any exciting juicing recipes coming out soon? :)

  3. Apple-carrot-celery is a really nice combination, too. Love the quilt!

  4. Thank you, sewmbie!

    I will have to try that combo!