The capelet is completed.


I finally finished the capelet I was working on. Thank goodness because I was starting to get bummed that I hadn't made a completed project in a while.

I used the pattern by Meg Allan Cole from this book to make the Rockin' Retro Capelet. The second I saw the pattern I had to buy the book immediately!

I like the pattern, it was easy to sew for someone new to sewing like me, and there were only a few pieces. I used the fabric that I bought from my trip to Mood and I feel like it was the perfect choice! I bought the pink lining fabric locally. The pattern actually didn't require a lining, but I like the color combination and feel, so I am glad I included it.

A back view. Oh, don't you just love the ambiance in these photos? Hahaha.

So, I feel like this "hood" is definitely more fashion than function, it won't fit over my head. Then again, I do have a HUGE head. That's ok though, I'd rather showcase the pretty pink lining.


  1. Love it!! I think I need a dark green one. It is freezing in San Francisco!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE LVE LOVE it!

  3. What an adorable cape! I am starting a sewing linky party today called Sew & Tell Saturday at my website and I am hoping to get some vintage sewists aboard to post their projects because there aren't any sewing linky parties to show off vintage creations. I hope you can come over and post a link to your blog today! Thanks so much!
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick