Weekend Adventures

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You guys, I had the best weekend ever! Luke and I left town on Friday night and went to my sister's house in Hollywood and stayed the night. We woke up early on Saturday and went to a convention for work to look at a new machine we want to buy.

Ok, the boring stuff is over. Everything else was fun! We ate lunch at ESPN Zone aka heaven for Luke, went to a store I have been dying to go to for years (a separate post to come), and went to the Beverly Center.

I got to eat Pinkberry, my favorite yogurt. My sister always laughs at me because I get so excited to get yogurt when I am in LA. The one above is peanut butter yogurt topped with bread crumbs and jelly, a PB&J.

Luke loves Ben Sherman. He's so stylish.

Me and my sister getting ready for dinner. We ate at Firefly, a dining establishment with lights so dim you can barely see, snotty customers, and small portion sized food. Quality over quantity I guess, but the food was very good. Oh, and we were NOT grouped in with the snotty customers, thank you very much.

All weekend my sister's cat Udon was begging for belly rubs.

On Sunday morning my sister had to work, but her boyfriend Collin was free! The three of us went to Aroma Cafe  and it was delicious! The photo above is of Collin and Luke. Let me say here that I LOVE Collin and really hope that my sister and him get married. I think they are so perfect together. Luke and Collin are perfect together too hahaha. They like the same things, I swear they are almost twins and they get along so well together. I want him to be my brother in law!!!!!!!

Luke and I at Aroma Cafe.

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