Mood, I think I love you!

The highlight of our weekend trip was going to Mood. I fell in love with the store, the fabric, and the little dog that ran around.

 SUCH a touristy thing to do, but I HAD to have Luke take my picture.

So many fabrics to choose from! The fabric is stacked so high, but luckily Luke is tall and can grab things for me :)

I got this button. It's one of those things that is so disgusting that it's kind of cute.

This fabric is for a dress I want to make. I had planned to use it for a pattern I had in mind, but I think I might save it for a Hawaiian inspired dress. The fabric is cotton and a little sheer. It looks funny in the photo because it is not laying flat.

This is the first piece of really nice fabric I have purchased. At $35 a yard I could only afford to buy a yard and a quarter. Oh, but I have plans for this fabric!!! I am going to bring it to my quilting class so the instructor can supervise while I am cutting, I'm not taking any chances!

I HAD to buy this shirt that says, "Thank you Mood." I didn't have anyone to take a photo for me yesterday, so I had to take one of those awkward bathroom mirror photos.

The owner/manager(?) of the store gave me this bag! Awesome! "Thank you Mood."


  1. How funny. I just finished watching the most recent Project Runway online.

  2. Lauren - I am so sad that Bert got kicked off. I really like him and wish that JOSHUA got kicked off instead. I can't stand him!

  3. You didn't tell me they have a shirt! That is rad. I want one, but I'm probably not qualified to own one since I have never bought a fabric in my life. I like your Wednesday wish list. Especially the margs.

  4. Libbi, Tim Gunn and I vote that you are qualified. "Carry on."