Sewing and Soprano Sunday

I feel like all of my posts have been about me and my friends hanging out. I can't say that today will be the last of it, but after tomorrow I will try and settle down.

Sorry, but this is the only picture that I have of the black pencil skirt I made. You see, I had the bright idea that I needed to wear a new skirt for a wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, I had this idea on Thursday night, eep!  It's funny though, I have been procrastinating on this since last DECEMBER when I bought the fabric and it was so quick and easy to make. This skirt pattern was the first piece of clothing I made when I started sewing and it took me sooo long to do and it only took me a few hours the other night. Clearly, my sewing skills have improved too, as the craftsmanship is much better than past attempts.

Cross that off my list
Black pencil skirt.

Over the past several months Luke and I have been watching The Sopranos on Netflix. Last night we watched the final episode and it was so sad! I always feel bummed when we finish tv series. What should we watch next, any recommendations?

In honor of our Soprano Sunday I made carbonara (I picked out the meat of course), drank wine, and ate canolis. Tony Soprano, we miss you already!


  1. May I suggest Six Feet Under? I picked that up well after it was over, and I really liked it. I was sad when I got to the end of it.

  2. Oh my god, that is one of my all time favorite tv shows! My husband and I started watching it a little over a year ago and we were hooked! I cried for probably half a day when it was over, the finale was amazing!