Curtis and Jessi's wedding aka "The Wedding of the Century"

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The reason I am calling it "The Wedding of the Century" is because I accidentally told Curtis that his wedding was going to be "The Wedding of the Year," but he quickly informed me that it was going to be "The Wedding of the Century." Oops, my bad. Anyways, Curtis and Jessi got married at the Fremont Theater this past Saturday. They had posters made up and put on display out front.

They got married on stage. Instead of playing a movie they had an image at the top of the screen to look like a silent movie.

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell!! I took this photo at the reception site, The Monday Club. Immediately after the ceremony certain friends and family, like Luke and I (!), were invited to have lunch catered by Alphy's, one of my favorite lunch spots. Everyone else showed up for the reception at 3:00.

One thing that Chris and Luke liked was the candy bar. Each guest got a bag to fill with candy.

I met this girl Nicole at the reception and I just love her, she is great! Luke is good friends with her boyfriend and she invited Luke and I to go stay with them in Oakland.

Luke and our good friend Brandon.

Curtis wanted to make sure I got a photo of him with that bone in his pocket.

Jessie, Julia, and myself. As you can see the guests were asked to wear black, white, and gray. The ones that didn't stood out like a sore thumb!

I wish Curtis and Jessi all the best! They are an amazing couple and so perfect together. Everyone says that they are perfect together and it's so true!

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