Weekend fun and productivity

I walked the Heart Walk this past Saturday and raised $304.00! My team raised close to $4,000.00! I saw cute corgi dogs there too. One jumped all over me and got my hoodie dirty, but I got over it. My sister thinks that corgis look like sleeping bags. I want to get one and name it Frank.

After that I met with my friend Smitty to catch up and go over some design work I am doing for her. She is one of those people that I think I could talk to forever. I wish I had more friends that quilted and sewed.

My friend Samantha recently inspired me with the amazing headboard she made herself. I had been thinking about making one for our bedroom, but have held back because I am so indecisive about the color. You see, I have been wanting to make a 1930's inspired quilt for my bed and I wanted the headboard to work with the quilt color wise. I just got over it and decided to buy what I wanted and worry about the quilt later.

This is the fabric I chose. I bought two yards at $10.00 each, but had a 50% off coupon. Cool!

The finished product and pillowcases are completed by my cat Stella trying to model. Nothing on my bed really matches, so the headboard doesn't look as amazing as it should. Once I have my quilt finished, and it's looking like I won't start on that until 2012, I will post a photo of my "new" room.

Oh, if any of you are considering following Samantha's tutorial I highly recommend getting someone to help with the staple gun and holding the fabric. Or maybe I am just not skilled with that type of thing.


  1. Cool!! You should see the back of my headboard... I couldn't find my staple gun so I used a regular one and some hello kitty duct tape! Haha ... You wouldn't ever know from the front :)