Ongoing projects!

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I didn't want to bombard you with all my sewing projects, so I thought I would split everything up into two posts :)

Sunday I spent the majority of the day texting Ari, author of my new favorite blog (go follow her blog now!), and working on sewing projects. I had a lot of fabric to cut so I followed two very important cutting rules: don't use a rotary cutter while on the phone and don't cut fabric while drinking multiple glasses of wine.

I drank this instead, it's my new favorite soda!

Some of the squares I was cutting were huge, so I had to get creative with my rulers.

The squares were then cut down into triangles. The fabric pictured above is called batik fabric. I have never been crazy about it, but I think this one will look good with my quilt.

Then I made my own piping for the dress I have been claiming to work on, but haven't really been working on. What I did was cut strips of fabric on the bias (when cut at this angle the fabric is a little more stretchy) and sew the pieces together to form one long continuous strip. I then placed a 5/8 cord along the strip of fabric on the wrong side, pinned it closed, and sewed as close to the cord as possible. Ta-duh, custom piping that will match my dress perfectly!

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  1. haha we really were texting all day!! that soda looks yummy...maybe part of our cocktail collection?