Happy Monday!

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What a great weekend! I hung out with my friend Ari, spent time with my family, shopped, and ate good food. I can't complain.

I have posted about my favorite food blog, Addicted to Veggies, a few times now because I am obsessed with Sarahfae's cooking. A while back she made this amazing recipe for me and I finally got to make it myself and it did not disappoint! The Lime in the Coconut Cream Pies were sooo good and I can't stop thinking about them.

Here are the ingredients I ended up buying. From left to right: coconut flour, a young Thai coconut, coconut water (for me to drink, not for the recipe), coconut oil, coconut crystals, and coconut butter. These are all new cooking ingredients for me, but I know I will get use out of them. I even found a recipe for a hair mask using coconut oil here, so it will get used one way or another :)

 I bought and successfully opened my first young Thai coconut. And I did it myself!

The finished product is not even close to being as pretty as Sarahfae's, but they taste amazing and that's what counts, right? The crust  is to die for!

One of my good friends, Brandon , is raising money for Alzheimer's research through art. He is making custom pieces starting at $30. I asked him to make a Cary Grant painting for me and he sent me the photo above within a few hours. I love it and can't wait to hang it up! Thank you Brandon! Please contact him on Facebook if you would like to have something made.

On Sunday Luke and I drove with my mom and grandma to Santa Barbara. I gave her the quilt and she liked it! I was nervous because she was a very talented seamstress and I am sure my amateur mistakes are painfully obvious, but she seemed very grateful and appreciative. I also got to see my aunt and uncle, who I haven't seen in over a year.

Afterwards we went to downtown Santa Barbara, got lunch at a Hawaiian restaurant, and shopped. I didn't buy much, but Luke found lots of things for himself at American Apparel. It's hard for me to shop because I always think to myself, "I could make that or learn how to make it." Plus clothing can be so expensive that it is hard to justify such a pricey purchase for something I probably won't wear too often.

 Here we are waiting for my mom in Nordstroms.

Wheww! What a busy weekend. Happy Monday!

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  1. I looooooooove Santa Barbara!

    Glad your mom loved the quilt. I'm sure she wasn't concerned with how it was technically made, she was more in love with the fact that you made it. <3