Long time no see.

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Hello! I was on a steady roll of updating my journal every day, but I have been MIA for the last few days. I wish I had something exciting to report, but my life has revolved around QuickBooks and getting the business set up. Luckily, I have had some spare time to work on a gift for my friends baby shower tomorrow. Hopefully I will have photos of a finished project to show you.

One thing I have always been passionate about is reading. Normally, I can't put a book down when I get started, but the book I am reading is not holding my attention. I am not a book "quitter," but I may just have to quit this one. This will be the fourth book I have quit in my life, but I may go back to it in the future. The others are a biography on someone from WWII, One Hundred Years of Solitude (sorry Oprah), The Sun Also Rises, and another book that I can't remember.

Yesterday I bought this book, which I will hopefully like. Do you ever "quit" books?

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  1. I had a boyhood crush on Barbara Eden. Nice photo choice. I too had a hard time finishing Ernest Hemingway novels, famously lacking in female character development and dialogue.