A fabric weekend with my mom

This weekend my mom came to see me. We went to lunch and then she suggested that we go look at fabric. Um, how could I turn that down? I took her to my favorite place to buy fabric which is conveniently a few miles from my home, Quiltin Cousins.

Ok, the store is amazing for the following reasons:
1. The variety of fabric is good and everything is very cute.
2. There is a lot of vintage reproduction fabric, my favorite!
3. The owner Shawn is cool! She is so sweet and likes vintage/retro stuff as much as me!
4. Shawn does an awesome Julia Child impression.

My mom bought me the book pictured above. I can't wait to start sewing!


  1. What a sweet weekend. I can't wait to see what creations you make from patterns in your new book! :)

  2. It might be a while... Most of the stuff is a little advanced for me :(