Quilting class #3 with some Daymakers

My sister and my mom read this book about being a "daymaker." The whole point of the book is to stress doing nice things for people/strangers because even the smallest gesture can make someones' day. My sister believes in this so strongly that she has "daymaker" tattooed om her fingers!

On Monday night I went to my quilting class. I felt self conscious because everyone in the class is very skilled and my squares looked so bad! Things were cut wrong and not everything matched up. Embarrassing! I was reluctant to let anyone see my work because it wasn't all that great, but the Daymakers in my class made me feel so much better. One lady complimented me on my color choice. Another said I did a good job making sure the fabric was facing the right way. These ladies truly turned my night around!

Now it's my turn to be a daymaker :)


  1. I love the idea of being a daymaker! When i was teaching knitting classes i had a strict policy of no self deprications, because everything you do, good or bad, teaches you something new about your craft and about yourself. Your stitches or squares may not be perfect, but each one is better than the last and you're only going to improve by working through it. Talent and skill are a big part of the equation, but drive to better yourself is an even bigger part :)

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog, Erin, I look forward to seeing more squares from you! :)

  2. Thanks, David! Whenever I mess up I just think "live and learn." I told my instructor that I was messing up so much to try and get all my mistakes out of the way now Hahah :)

    I wish you lived nearby because I would definitely take a class from you! I want to learn how to knit and I got a Stitch and Bitch book. Do you think that is a good book to start with?