My brother in law just turned eight, so I bought him these books. I chose Luke's favorite Roald Dahl book and my favorite book Roald Dahl book. I got Jakey "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" after he decided that the movie was "the best movie ever." He loved the book, so hopefully he will like these!

My friend is having a baby boy and her theme is going to be "sailor." Cute! Here is the fabric I am using for her surprise gift. I love making things for people!!!!!

And this is for me! My grandma would probably hit me for buying this from Wal Mart, but it is so cute and only $10 a yard for this canvas. I want to make an oversize bag for myself. I love having a bag large enough to fit a book or two!


  1. Fab fabrics! I always love polka dots. :)
    Those are PERFECT books for an eight year old!!

  2. Thank you!!!

    Maybe one Saturday we could walk to Quiltin Cousins and look at/buy fabric?!?

  3. I LOVED Matilda when I was a kid! My friend did her baby's room in Sailor and it's soo cute! Love the fabrics.