Lucky Nekos

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I like Lucky Neko cats! Can you tell?

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  1. I love Lucky Nekos too! :D Anyway, I wanted to email you, but my computer us being silly. I wanted to let you know that Sublime Stitching
    has some wonderful patterns and super easy how-to instructions for beginning embroidery. They have some awesome kits to start with too. :D
    I am a self-taught satin stitcher, but I learned all other stitches from Jenny Hart's books, I have some if you would like to borrow them!
    Here is a group on Flickr that has lots of vintage patterns that I think you would like too.

    I love all your creations! One of these days I will have to learn to use a sewing only hand sew. I love the apron and the quilting you have been doing! I also love the Clara Bow creation! I was a flapper in a past life too. ;) I did a hand embroidered Louise Brooks once. :)

    Anyhoo, take care and yes! Hopefully we can meet someday.