Shawl blanket = shlanket


Sew something, don't blog it. Knit something, don't blog it. That's my life, I'm annoying like that. I finished knitting the West Knits Marled Magic Mystery Shawl, idk, FOUR months ago and I'm just writing about it today. Better late than never?

I had never done a mystery knit along before this shawl and didn't know what to expect. Here's how it goes for those who are unfamiliar with MKALs: you purchase the knitting pattern without knowing what the finished product will look like. You are given a materials list to start and then each week (or whenever the designer decides) the next step of the pattern is released. It truly is exciting waiting for the next clue! It got to the point where I was talking about knitting so much that my husband was calling Stephen West "my boy" and would say, "isn't your boy releasing the next clue tomorrow?" 😂

If you want a full on list of what fingering yarns I used you're going to have to check my Ravelry project page because I used so many and I am way too lazy to rewrite it here. Stephen suggested using scraps, but I definitely didn't have enough scrap yarn to make this shlanket (shawl blanket), so I used mostly full skeins of yarn from my stash. I picked really bright colors and I am so happy with the result! This thing is insane and I love it.

The directions for the pattern were clearly written and the confusing techniques had You Tube videos to accompany them, which I was grateful for. The videos were definitely helpful and I really enjoyed Stephen's unique personality. He genuinely made me laugh a few times during the MKAL and I don't know if knitting has ever made me laugh, but that may be because I have a black heart or something idk.

There is a lot of garter stitch and seed stitch and it is more visually pleasing than a "normal" garter and seed stitch (imo) because two strands of yarn are held together and alternated throughout the project. The color combos are endless and I even enjoyed swatching, a first for me. There was an optional section of brioche knitting, but I didn't do it 😔 At the time I didn't know how to brioche and didn't want to stress myself out trying to meet the deadline for the next section and trying to learn a new technique. On the plus, I did take a Craftsy class not long after and learned it, so I am ready to brioche on a future project.

There were two size options and I chose the larger of the two, the shlanket. Originally, I wasn't sure how I felt about the sizing. Would I use something that big? Answer: HELL YES, and I am so glad I made it. My love for the ginormous shawl became official when I was traveling to Chicago. I brought it with me on the plane and used it as a blanket when I was cold and then Luke and I alternated using it as a pillow when we were trying to sleep. I also brought it with me to the movie theater to see Dunkirk (highly recommend seeing it. Also highly recommend Baby Driver. Not that you asked, just throwing it out there.) and it was nice to have on my lap when it got a little chilly. I'm all about that socially acceptable blanket life!

This project kinda got me addicted to knitting shawls. Now I want to knit shawls all day, everyday. It's fun making something that doesn't have to fit! Can you guys recommend any patterns that I need in my life? I'm ready to rage on shawls.

P.S. Thanks to my sister, Kelly, for taking these photos.


  1. Love it! And I love Stephen West's designs. The Clapotis shawl is very popular if you want to check that out. I'm knitting it as a scarf but your post has me reconsidering larger scale stuff like a shlanket!

    1. I will check out that pattern, thank you! And if it is shlanket friendly, then I am very interested haha