Tokyo Train Ride Quilt


It's pretty lame that it has taken me so long to make another quilt. In January 2015 I made a big quilt in a month and it took me months and months to make this little one despite the fact that I really really enjoy the quilting process. Ohhhhhh well.

I purchased  "Sew a Modern Home: Quilts and More for Every Room" immediately after finishing my last quilt, but didn't break out the book until the middle of 2016. I had been hoarding some Tokyo Train Ride fabric by Cotton and Steel and decided to use it to make myself this little lap quilt.

Whenever I start a project I always dedicate a day to cutting/hunching over my cutting mat with my rotary cutter and making my back ache. There aren't very many pieces in this quilt, however, it took me a while to figure out how I wanted the colors to lay next to one another. A lot of the fabrics are directional prints, so it was impossible to get the fabric prints to all line up AND have the colors arranged the way I liked. In the end I decided to focus on the color placement and forget about the print direction.

The actual sewing of the quilt top was quick, I finished it in a day. And by the end of that day I became very close friends with my iron 😐 There were a lot of seams that needed to be pressed open! It was not a tricky top to sew though, so if you are a beginner who is interested in quilting I would definitely give this one a go.

My absolute favorite part of this project is how I did the quilting. I just did straight lines randomly spaced apart at different distances. I use a Pfaff and it has a built in walking foot, but other than that I didn't need any "fancy" quilting tools. I have a presser foot for garment sewing that I use for stitching in the ditch/edge stitching and by using that foot in combination with moving my needle to the right at different distances I was able to achieve a random line combination. Occasionally I would get out my clear ruler and draw a straight line of chalk one or one and a half inches from the line I just sewed and stitch over it. Definitely time consuming, but the end effect is very pleasing, at least I think so!

I love my quilt and solemnly swear to make more in the future.


  1. Beautiful! I want to learn to quilt this year, this is inspirational!

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  3. This is so gorgeous Erin!! I think the colour combination/order you've gone for works perfectly. It's always hard to work out how to lay the pieces out isn't it?! I love the irregular straight line quilting you've done, I'll need to try that!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn!!! And yes, the quilt layout takes FOREVER to figure out. I'm so indecisive at times :)