Yarn, knitting, memories.

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I'm definitely fast about whipping out my credit card to buy yarn, but my actual knitting process is much more time consuming. On average it seems that sweaters take me three months to complete and socks take me between one and two. This seems like foreverrrrrrr when I compare it sewing a knit top, which I can wrap up in a few hours and wear the same day.

One of the things I like about the slow process of knitting are the memories, both good and bad, that are attached to the item I am making. When I look at the finished object, or see photos of it being worn by the recipient, I am reminded of where I was at that moment in my life when I made it. When I cast on my last sweater it was while spending time with my mother in law (who I am obsessed with) and watching my brother in law compete for Australia in the U17 World Cup. The last two beanies I made were for people (one for a stranger and one for a friend I've known since first grade) going through cancer. Yarn was purchased for the shawl I just completed when I was in New Orleans running through a sudden downpour in the French Quarter with my husband. The ribbing for my Seawall socks was worked on while I cheered for the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center and the last few inches were in progress while my sister lost a family member. Last week my BFF's brother was murdered and I have spent the time since thinking about her and her family while I work on another pair of socks.

I couldn't be more grateful to have a hobby that is there for me through my highs and lows.

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