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Oh, I've just been busy being a member of Archer-holics Anonymous. K, I guess it's not anonymous anymore since I am posting this on the World Wide Web. Oh well.

These are Grainline Archers #3 and #4 and while they may look basic to you guys, they are not basic to me. I sewed with plaid for the first time, sewed on buttons using my machine (why did I wait so long to do this?!? I'm annoyed with myself right now), and used the Archer expansion pack to make tower plackets. So, a lot of firsts that won't be my lasts.

It was super windy when my husband took these, so we didn't get many usable photos :(

I followed the directions for the original pattern as written until I got to the part with the tower plackets, then I switched over to the expansion pack instructions. Honestly, I was super confused with installing the tower plackets because I basically stitched it all wrong from the beginning and was stubborn about unpicking and wasted a bunch of time and hated my life for a minute. When I realized that I was being lame I got out the seam ripper and restarted from the beginning and had no problems. Don't you hate it when you realize that something is actually not that difficult, but you managed to make it super confusing? I'm the Queen of that.

There were a few adjustments made to the pattern (you can read about them here) and the only extra change I made was to shorten the sleeves an additional half inch, for a total of two and a half inches. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the fit, so I want to bust out a few more of these and have an Archer section of the closet. Actually, for these two I sewed them at the same time and didn't change the thread until the buttonholes. Two at a time sewing (and knitting!) is awesome until you have to do some unpicking/unraveling and have to undo twice the work which is unawesome. But it was super rad to have made these two in a week!

My husband is a big fan of Fred Perry and Ben Sherman shirts, in fact, that is exclusively what he wears to work. One day I was side eyeing his shirt and liked the contrast on the top of the pocket. So, I stole that idea from him. Thanks Fred or Ben! I also copied the top stitching and did tiny squares, but it's hard to see in the photo above because there is a pretty sweet cat hair situation in the exact spot I am trying to explain about :/ Cat hair, don't care.

Both fabrics were purchased locally at Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo. I love the owners of that shop so much! It's great knowing them and going to visit them at work and it is so hard to leave that shop empty handed when there is so much fabric goodness everywhere! The polkadot face fabric is designed by Sarah Watts for Cotton and Steel. Quilting cotton is something that I rarely use for clothing nowadays, but those cute little faces were begging to be made into a garment! I'm not sure what the fabric makeup is for the plaid, but in comparison to the Cotton and Steel it was more difficult to sew. It was a little shifty for me and wasn't the easiest to match up the sides, but I did a pretty decent job! The lines on one of the sides is off a tinyyyy bit, maybe a sixteenth of an inch, which is good enough for me.

Have an Archertastic day!

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