2015 and 2016

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Two at a time socks!

It's hard to write about the new projects I am working on when I never really wrapped up what I made in 2015. When it came to blogging in 2015, let's be real, I was pretty terrible. So many "life" things came up (buying a home, moving, the busiest year I have ever had at work, knee surgery for my husband, etc.) and updating my blog was definitely low on the priority list. Sewing and knitting still happened, just not as frequently, and when I had free time I spent it spoiling my niece, traveling to Stanford 327846923423 times for my husband's doctors appointments, reading, and hanging out with my buddies. Taking a mini break from my blog felt great, but I'm ready to get back to it and start posting!

I'm totally that aunt that won't stop talking about how cute her niece is!

So, let's talk about 2015, the year where my goal was to challenge myself each month. It started out strong with a scrap quilt, learning to knit socks, knitting two at a time, and thennnn nothing haha. Well, learning a new way of assembling a log cabin quilt from Luke Haynes and figuring out how to install grommets was pretty cool, but I did not reach my goals :( :( :(

In 2016 I would still like to (unofficially?) challenge myself, but I'm not going to have a meltdown if I don't reach a certain predetermined number. This year I would like to knit more socks because I am obsessed with knitting socks and it makes me happy, make more active wear because it makes working out way more fun, fit a pair or two of pants (Ginger and Thurlows I'm coming for you, watch your back), and be fearless when it comes to projects that require ordering extra parts. This sounds lame, but when patterns require a lot of things I don't have in store access to (fancy twill tape, rivets, snaps, whatever) it is almost a turn off for me because I don't enjoy hunting down extra parts. Am I lazy? Probably. But I'm being honest and I want to change.

Rochelle started the "2016 Make Nine" and I'd like to make some, if not all of the projects in the image above.

A positive that came from 2015 was that everything I made gets worn. Because I wasn't sewing as much I was more thoughtful when it came to choosing projects and only made things I was 100% stoked on. Sewing less wasn't necessarily a bad thing, it actually helped me realize that I really enjoy sewing with knits, don't wear dresses or skirts all that often, and need to make more separates.

So cheers to the new year and let's make some awesome stuff in 2016, ok?!?!

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