Archer fabrics


I wanted to check in with everyone and update you on my progress for Archer Appreciation Month. Originally I had planned to try matching checks, something that I have been afraid of for years (yes, I am overly dramatic and build things up to be much scarier than they are). As my vacation got closer I realized that I had limited time with my sewing machine and I didn't want to do a rushed project that would stress me out. Instead of using this awesome checked fabric I'm going to use a pretty pink shirting that I picked up at Mood last week for version two. Be prepared for the girliest Archer ever!

When I get back from vacation I am going to conquer matching checks and I'm going to use Lauren's tutorial to do it. I'm also going to reference Jen's sew-along posts if I get stuck and need extra help.

What about you guys, how is your Archer sewing going so far?


  1. I finished my first one, in black cotton sateen (a work shirt), and I have some plaid flannel for a second one. Not sure if I'll have time in December for the second. Can't wait to see your girly Archer :D and btw, the cotton sateen is awesome--makes a beautiful shirt and very nice to work with.

  2. Blerg! I really wanted to participate but just couldn't fit it in before I left for vacation. Can't wait to see everyone else's!

  3. Oh man!! I should have considered bringing a sewing machine along.