Peony Parade

There were tons of beautiful dresses that I would like to feature for the Peony Parade, but I just choose two for today :) Be sure to look at the rest of them in the Flickr Group.

Peony with Belt
hopefulmorning's version is so gorgeous and red is definitely her color! Like many of us, she had a list of alterations to make, plus she changed the skirt into a circle skirt. You can read more about her dress on her blog.

Velosewer chose a beautiful fabric for her dress, you guys know how much I love Hawaiian fabric, right? ;) This dress was her "test" version, but it looks pretty perfect to me!

Thank you to everyone for participating in the sew-along! I'm looking forward to the next one :)


  1. I'm really pleased you liked my test version. It's so comfortable to wear and I love it too.

  2. Oh the ever present Peony dress! Thanks for sharing these two wonderful versions. I really love hopefulmorning's version - the circle skirt is a great change of design!

  3. I really like how Velosewer played around with the placement of the print in her dress. It's quite fetching, and it really brings drama to a very classic dress.

    Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm glad you liked my dress.

  4. That red dress is gorgeous!

  5. I loved velosewer version... It's very chic..