Sew Colette pattern for October


I'm super excited to sew Peony for the next pattern in Sew Colette! It will make the perfect dress for holiday parties, don't you think? It's so weird to be thinking about the holidays already, but they are approaching quickly. Speaking of which, this will be the last Sew Colette pattern of the year. I know that at the end of the year many of us need every extra minute we can get to sew up gifts for friends and family :)

Week of October 1st: Sew-Along Kick-Off (Muslins, measurements, etc)
Week of October 8th: Fabulous Fit
Week of October 15th: It's All About Fabric!
Weeks of October 22nd - 31st: Be Our Guest
Week of November 5th: Peony Parade - be sure to upload your finished dress into the sew-along Flickr group!


  1. Awesome! This one I can join in on! Just gotta figure out what fabric lol

  2. I'm really excited! I made a muslin of the bodice LAST FALL *coughcough* and I got stuck with needing to make an SBA. Any way we can source a really good tutorial? I've had such trouble finding one that was useful (for me). Most of them say "do the opposite of an FBA". Can't wait for the sewalong!!

  3. YAY I have fabric for two of these sitting in my stash! Hurray!!!

  4. I'd love to take part in the sew-along but for the moment, however, none of the Colette Patterns I already own has been chosen yet (and being on a tight budget, I just can't go over to their website and order as I like! Too bad!)...if there's another vote once the Peony sewalong is over (not that I wouldn't be interested, the Peony looks lovely and I'd love to make one someday!), could somebody please hint at the Ceylon (btw I haven't found any Ceylon sewalong on the web yet...just sayin'!), Violet, Sencha or Ginger?

  5. I LOVE the looks of the Peony and can't wait to see what you come up with for your holiday dress!

  6. This is so exciting! I just decided to brave the Peony pattern, and I'd love to sew along. Great idea!