Sew Colette: Macaron, giveaway winner, and a thank you


It's time to start sewing our Macaron muslins. How many of you out there are sewing along with Sarah, Rochelle, and I? I'm pretty excited about this dress, it's super cute! I've had it in my stash for a while, but have been hesitant to sew it without extra help. I'm glad I'm sewing this up with you guys :) If you need help taking your measurements, tracing your pattern, or cutting out your muslin then please see this post.

Macaron Schedule
Week of August 1st:  Muslins!
Week of August 5th: Fit Tips and Techniques
Week of August 12th: Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!
Week of August 19th: Sewing Macaron and Guest Bloggers!
Week of  August 26th: More Guest Bloggers!
Week of September 2nd: Macaron Parade and Giveaways


I know that we aren't talking about fabric for a few weeks, but Hart's Fabric is also doing a Macaron sew-along and they have been nice enough to give a fabric discount to our readers! Use the coupon code sewcolette10 for 10% off. How sweet of them!

Last week I announced a giveaway of 1 yard of the flamingo fabric I used for my Hazel muslin. The winner is:

ShanniLoves! Congrats, Shanni! I will be e-mailing you shortly :)


I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my last post about my husband's cousin, Tyler Clary. It was so nice of so many bloggers to comment and email me about Tyler's performance and when I see him next I will pass it along. It could be a while though, the last time I saw him was for Thanksgiving haha. For this years Olympics I have been glued to the tv, it's just fun rooting for someone when you feel like you have a connection with them. Thank you everyone for thinking good thoughts for him!

He was on the Today show this morning and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. I watch that show every morning and it was so surreal to see Tyler on there! They filmed a little segment where Tyler's mom and dad got to see him for the first time during the Olympics and it was so heartwarming. I was literally bawling!


  1. you and Rochelle are sewing machines! I love watching your creations come to life. More importantly, it's great to read about your enthusiasm.

    Congrats to Shannon and congrats to your husband's cousin!

  2. I was so excited watching Tyler swim! The Olympics are the best!

    I'm so excited for the Macaron dress! Can't wait to see all of yours!

  3. I plan to sew the Macaron, not sure if I will be able stick to the timeline as I am going away. I will keep you updated!