My "Aloha!" Mood board


Aloha! I'm not sure if it's the warm weather, the fact that I am obsessed with Pina Coladas, or that I am very much wishing I was in Maui, but I'm going to go with the beachy theme I can't seem to get out of my head and incorporate it into my daily life through sewing.

How will I do this? Well, I'm going to make a mini mood board to inspire me. It was Sarah and Rochelle's idea to make these for the sew-along and I think it's a great one. For spring I made an inspiration board full of pastels, but this time around I think I'm going to the beach! Let me show you how I made my board:

 First, I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration. I went to the search button in the upper left hand corner and typed in things like "beach," "Hawaii," and "Hawaiian print" and found some pretty cool images.

Next, I opened up my favorite design program on my computer, Adobe InDesign. I wish I could say that I was using the latest version, but I'm using CS3 :(

To start a new project I clicked on "File" and then "Document." Next you choose the document size you would like. I think mine was 5 x 7.

When I design I like to use a grid to stay organized. Go to "Layout" and then "Create Guides."

The number of rows and columns you use is up to you, but I chose 6 x 5.

Once I have my grid I use the rectangle tool to draw a box. There isn't a picture for this, but next I change the stroke to 0.

Go up to "File" and then "Place"to fill the box with an image. You'll have to navigate to the photo you want to use, so I hope you named your images appropriately! :)

A lot of the time after the image is placed it won't show the image in the way you want. The image might be too big or too small. The buttons in the upper right hand corner are great for making adjustments. My favorite is "fill frame proportionally," but be sure to try the others too!

To view a specific area of the image use the direct selection tool or press the "A" button. This will let you move the photo around without losing the size of the rectangle.

"File" and then "Save As" a jpeg. Then you have your mood board :)

Be sure to check out Rochelle's blog for a Photoshop tutorial. Are any of you going to make mood boards? I think they are a fun way of staying motivated and inspired. I'm so indecisive though, I'll probably change mine up haha

Retro Hawaiian dress
Pink Hawaiian dress
Brown floral fabric
Pineapple fabric
Girl with flowers
Pina Colada


  1. So cute! I'm digging the Hawaiian prints a lot these days, too!

  2. LOVE your mood board! And I love how ID lets you grid things out like that. It looks so clean and neat. Great job! :)

  3. fantastic! I love all the fabrics in your mood board--what can I say?--you have good taste :)

  4. I work mostly in Photoshop but it was neat to see how you work in InDesign.

  5. Eeee! Love this!! I wish I had you as a shopping buddy today - I found 2 incredible tropical dresses, and one of them is '50s! Can't wait to show youuuu! <3