Sew Colette - Licorice dress


It's the last project from the Colette Sewing Handbook, the Licorice dress :( I didn't add the sad face to imply that I don't like the dress (I love it), but I am just sad that this is the last item we will be sewing together in Sew Colette.

Here is the schedule for the month:

May 7th: Muslin
May 14th: Fit & Fabric
May 21st: Be Our Guests
May 24th: The Final Countdown
May 30th: Licorice Parade
May 31st: Sew-Along Wrap Party

Since today is May 8th (I'm a day late!) we should all be starting on our muslins. After making a wearable muslin for my Truffle dress I decided that all future projects would be made with a wearable muslin as well. Unfortunately, I am a liar and don't plan on making one for this project. I will make a muslin though, to ensure a proper fit. 

If you have any questions on getting started then ask away in the Sew Colette Flickr group. Need some inspiration? Check out the Colette Patterns completed Licorice Dress post.

Are any of you making muslins? Or have you already made one?


  1. Unfortunately I had to wait 10 weeks for my book & patterns to arrive. The patterns arrived on Friday. It's tempting to crash the party now. I know it's the last pattern but the first item I knitted was a fair isle beanie so anything is possible. I sew quite a bit so I might even just try making a muslin for fun.

    1. Crash! We would love to have you, it's perfect timing :)

  2. Totally crashing the Sew Colette party for this last pattern...coincidentally finished a Taffy only a couple days behind y'all, so now I may as well keep on? Haha.

  3. I'm not a part of this sew along but I am adoring this dress. Very simple but elegant. It can be worn during the day and at night

    1. I keep seeing finished projects popping up online and it is making me excited!