Sew Colette - Taffy muslin


The weather is dreary here in California (weird), so this weekend I won't be at the beach, I'll be inside working on my muslin for the Taffy blouse. Below I have added on to our list of sewing techniques with new information and links Sarah has provided over the past week.

That last tutorial for making bias tape is tricky to me, so I might try and work on it this weekend. What about you, are you working on the Taffy this weekend?
Schedule for sewing the Taffy shirt designed by Colette Patterns.
April 13th - Marvelous Muslins
April 20th - Special Guests
April 30 - Taffy Parade


  1. Yay for sewing time! Sorry no beach time, though. :(

  2. My weekend is also looking to be dreary weather-wise so no beach time for me either. But yay!! sewing time!!

  3. Unlike California, the weather here in Philly will be amazing. So other than sewing and blogging, I'll be out on my bike, Selena (I named her)

  4. Here is raining rails tones so I may be in door sewing. I loved my taffy and may just be ready for a new one after seeing all wonderful versions