Fabric choices for the Taffy blouse


I thought it would be a good idea if we talked about fabric choices right off the bat, so those of you who don't live close to a store with garment fabrics can plan ahead. I normally fall into that category, but this time I made sure to scoop up some fabric on my last trip to Mood. If you do need to order online, Tasia made a huge list of online fabric shops which is very thorough.

When I picked this out my husband said to me, "doesn't that fabric look like something you already have?" I argued with him because OBVIOUSLY I know my clothing/fabric better than he does. I must have blacked out or something because the picture at the top of my blog is of me wearing a white sheer polka dot shirt. Oops. Well, this one is going to be pink with black polka dots and the sleeves will be totally different.

Sarai recommends using chiffon, georgette, lawn, or silk charmeuse for the Taffy. Fabric choice is extremely important for this as the finishing techniques in the pattern are dependent on which fabric you use. Something to consider when you are choosing your fabric is how the sleeves will drape. Do you want them to be light and flowy or a little stiffer? House of Pinheiro sewed up the Taffy  earlier this year and used an old duvet. You will notice that her sleeves don't drape like the version in the book and it gives the top a different look. I like it!

Be sure to check out Sarah's very informative post on all the different fabric choices. Tomorrow she will be posting information on fabric preparation and sewing techniques, so be sure to look for that.

Have you picked out your fabric yet? What did you choose?

Schedule for sewing the Taffy shirt designed by Colette Patterns.
April 6th - Let's talk about fabric.
April 13th - Marvelous Muslins
April 20th - Special Guests
April 30 - Taffy Parade


  1. I LOVE your polka dot fabric!!! *swoons* It's glorious!!

  2. I don't know, I think those polka dots are totally different in size. Luke is clearly mistaken ;)

  3. Important note on House of Pinheiro's taffy- she actually doubled the sleeves so she didn't have to hem them. That's probably the main reason they hang different, they have two layers. Really cute though. I love Taffy, I want to make it but I don't know if I have the skills to join this sew-along!

    1. Jo, I'm sure you could. The sleeves are the easiest sleeve pattern I seen . Have a go. we can help you if you get stuck !

  4. Very important subject...
    When I start my projects I tend to exam the design 1st, and the best way to do it its by the pattern guide, shape, seams and finishes.

    Taffy loose design suits lightweight fabrics because those fabrics don't hold the design lines and when adjusting the fit the easy consideration its the most important.

    I chosen the 100% cotton becauseI like how its heaviness showcased I loved the simple design elements and my choice would emphasise the silhouette of the blouse. Specially the sleeves. I love the double layers because they still have movement but turn to be a strong part of the design result.

  5. I love the polka dots and feel like regardless of if the fabric is stiff like cotton or drapey like silk, the pattern will make the top just darling. Just my personal opinion. Regardless, fabric choice definitely definitely effects the final outcome of the garment.

  6. Is it boring if I do a cotton lawn? Because that's where I think this train is heading...

  7. I threw caution to the wind and picked a silk chiffon-- eek! I loved how House of Pinheiro double-layered her sleeves, which got me wondering if I could double up my fabric on the whole blouse. My material is a bit sheer, so it's not like I wouldn't be wearing something under my Taffy anyway!

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    1. Typo! Anyway, at least you know your look! It's pink, not white, therefore totally different... hehe!