Truffle muslin is finished, finally!

It's hard to see the drape on the front, but it's there!

Last night I finished my muslin for the Truffle dress. It took me a while, but I can't complain because I learned a lot. It was my first time sewing in a lining (I decided that linings are pretty awesome), my first time using a stretchy, light fabric, and my first time sewing in a zipper the wrong way. I'm glad that I messed up the zipper on my muslin because now I won't do it on my nice fabrics!

The top is a little big, so I may need to do a SBA, but other than that everything fits great. Hopefully I will have my final version done by next week. It all depends on how much work the animals will "let" me do this weekend...


  1. yay :) looks like a very wearable muslin. Will it see the light of day?

  2. I love that fabric-- it's so sixties and cool!

  3. Congrats! It looks great and so many 'firsts'!! I'll have to do this pattern because I've never sewn a lining on a dress!

    1. It's such a straight forward pattern and knowing how quick you are, you'll have it done in a weekend.

  4. Ooh fancy. Can you see the ruffle very well in real life? Or does the fabric make it blend in? Interesting, makes you think about fabric choices huh?

  5. My top ended up being too big right at the arm pits, but seemed to fit pretty well in the bust. Weird, I'm not even sure how that's possible! So I just took in the side seams a bit at the last step and it turned out fine :) Don't trouble yourself with the SBA if you don't have to!

    Can't wait to see your finished dress :)

  6. Oh I've been so bad! I'm behind on everything and I was afraid to read your blog because I knew you'd be almost done and I've barely started! LOL SHAME ON ME! :) Your muslin looks so pretty though, and even though I know I probably won't finish mine in time, I'm gonna do my best! :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous dress in a cool fabric!