Part 2 of Sew Colette - The Pastille


Are you ready to get started on Part 2 of Sew Colette? I had a blast making the Meringue skirt with all of you. We are all so fortunate to have a group of talented, motivating, and NICE women to sew with. How did we get so lucky?

The Pastille dress is our next project. If you own the book, then you have seen it many times, it's the cute dress from the cover :) This will be our first project in which a proper fit is essential to having a good looking garment, so I will really be relying on Sarah to help us out. I'm not worried, she's a pro!

Below is the schedule for the sew-along. Remember, if you ever want to look at the schedule for the present or past sew-alongs you can bookmark this link or just click on the button for Sew Colette on the side of my blog.

Schedule for sewing the Pastille dress designed by Colette Patterns.
February 2nd: Sewing the muslin
February 6th-11th: Fitting techniques
February 16th: Choosing fabric
February 23rd: Sewing the final dress
February 29th: Pastille Parade

Tomorrow we are getting started on our muslins. I don't think I will have everything cut out by tomorrow, but I will definitely be ready to start working on the fit next Monday! Oh, if you didn't participate in the first sew-along and you have questions about measurements please check out this post for the Meringue sew-along.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm SO EXCITED to make this with you guys! This dress is too cute!

  2. a lovely dress, although I do feel slightly scarred but it will be worth a good spring dress.

  3. I know I won't have my Pastille cut out until this weekend. I'll sew it up then, too. :) So excited to start project #2 with you all!!

  4. I'm pretty nervous, as this will be my first custom fitted project but I'm excited to see everyone's versions! :)

    1. I'm in the same boat, I haven't made anything that fitted yet. Luckily, we have this awesome community to help us all out :)

  5. Hi there I know I'm late to the party but would I be able to join? I've only just seen the sew along and I was going to finish my Meringue over the weekend having started in December and start cutting out the pastille. I've had dramas with fitting and it be lovely to be part of a circle so I can have some advice :)

    PS your tattoo is lovely.