Social Sunday - Lori's baby shower and cocktails


My friend Lori had her baby shower on Sunday. Lori is one of the most thoughtful, nice, and creative people I know, so I wanted to make something special for her. We went fabric shopping a few weeks ago and she fell in love with a vintage inspired fabric. Of course I had to be sneaky and go back and buy the fabric to make a quilt :)

It is just a simple quilt, I didn't want to do anything to detract from the adorable fabric. I didn't use my machine to quilt it, I just used embroidery thread to tie it. I like the thread, it give the quilt a "kid" look.

The back is a solid panel of this green fabric. It is a 1930's reproduction fabric. 

Some of my favorite ladies: Tara, Jackie, Lisa, Samantha, Lori, me, Krista, and Erin. I always have so much fun with them! 

After the baby shower my husband Luke and I decided that we wanted to get some drinks at the beach seeing as the weather was in the seventies. This was our view from the restaurant, beautiful! Have I mentioned that I love living by the beach??? 

Luke, wearing a Clippers hat of course. You can't see it, but trust me, it's Clippers. 

Our first cocktail was a shrimp and crab cocktail. Yum! 

My second cocktail was a more traditional one (meaning it had alcohol and not seafood) and it was amazing. I actually didn't order it, the waiter just gave it to me because he wanted me to try it. What a nice way to spend a Sunday, I love California!


  1. Ahhhhhh, you're making me SAD! Oh well, I can't really complain as it was 58 degrees today, which is pretty awesome for January in NY! Love the quilt!

    1. Sorry :(

      Thank you! I think her fabric choice is just perfect for the baby!

    2. It really is perfect! I don't have any babies of my own, but they sure are fun to make things for! :)

  2. Cutest fabric ever!! You always make the cutest baby quilts.