Some of my fabrics for 2012


Even before I announced my sewing plans for 2012 I had been fabric shopping in preparation for the year. I now have fabric for the first three patterns in the Colette Patterns book. Some of you may think that I am planning a little too far in advance, but you don't understand the fabric situation where I live! There are TONS of quilting fabrics, but little to no garment fabrics. There is one store that carries some, but I am pretty picky, so I rarely find anything. You can imagine my love for online shopping at Mood!

image from Colette Patterns
The first project (January) in the book is the Meringue skirt. I can't wait to try the scalloped hem, as I have never made anything like it. 

This navy twill is what I purchased. It is a little thicker than what I am used to working with, granted I pretty much have only used quilter's cottons, but the book suggested using this type of fabric to keep the scallops crisp. I love the color and plan to wear it as part of one of my favorite color combinations: red, white, and blue.

image from Colette Patterns
The second project (February) is the Pastille dress. It will be the first form fitted dress I have made, but I feel confident that I can make it using the Colette Patterns book as my resource! 

The fabric I chose is very similar to the one on the model, but with a little less orange, at least I think so. I purchased this from Mood also. It's a linen fabric and is a little sheer, but my husband reminded me that I can wear a slip with it :)

image from Colette Patterns
 The third dress (March) is called the Truffle and it's gorgeous! I was debating which fabric to use when I remembered that I had some fabric from my trip to Mood that would be perfect.

It's pretty wild, but the texture is exactly what I will need. It's really light and slightly sheer, so it looks like I will need a slip for this one too. I have never sewn with anything like it, so things might get interesting...

Is it January 1st yet? I can't wait to get started! What are some of your sewing plans for next year?


  1. i've been thinking about my sewing goals for spring & i had to make myself stop before i got too depressed - we JUST got cold weather here in tennessee (and by "cold" i mean sometimes it is 40 degrees during the day lol). i don't want to make a bunch of springy/lightweight clothes and have to shove them in the closet until april. so meh. so more winter sewing for me.

    your fabric choices are so great! i can't wait to see that crazy floral-leopard made up - i think it will go awesome as the truffle. i love mood - i just made a big fabric order myself :) - although waiting for the box to ship to me is aaaagony haha

  2. I love that floral leopard fabric! I don't really dig floral prints unless they are huge and super bright. Combine that with leopard? To. die. for. fabric! I can't wait to see how your Truffle turns out. :)

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to sew the Meringue first, I have the fabric and notions ready. But I also have the fabric prepped for another Sorbetto, maybe I'll be ambitious and do both. :)

  3. lladybird- That is COLD!!! I live in California halfway between San Francisco and LA and the weather here has been so weird. How am I supposed to know what to wear/sew???? :)

    I can't wait to see what you make! You are such a dedicated sewist and you're always making something great!

    It's the worst waiting for fabric!!! The UPS guy brought in a box from FRITO-LAY instead of the box of my fabric. Sorry dude, I didn't order chips, just fabric. He accidentally brought in the box for the gas station across the street haha.

    Andrea - do both! New outfit!!

  4. Ooh, these are lovely! I hope you don't mind me being a copycat, but your plan is so good I have to follow along!

    I have some great dark denim I'd like to use for the Meringue. I haven't decided on fabric for the Pastille yet, but I have a gorgeous green crepe backed satin for the Truffle Dress!

    Do a sew-along!!!

  5. I just bought some sewing patterns and now I'll be waiting for the postman eagerly everyday. Getting sewing things in the mail is like receiving a present.

    I agree with Lladybird, I can't wait to see your Truffle dress in that awesome fabric.

  6. Love your new header btw. These are some fabulous fabrics and can't wait to see your colette creations!! Have a lovely New Year's Eve!

  7. Melizza - it's funny because even when you know what is coming (YOU did order it after all) it's still very exciting to rip open the box! :) I guess we all just love sewing and it shows!

    Debi - Thank you very much and Happy New Years to you as well.

  8. I love your fabric choices!! Can't wait to see your progress. And I'm feeling inspired :) As soon as I can think of a clever moniker, I think I'll start a blog and give blogging a try. And now to browse Mood for my dream fabrics.....

  9. I like your choices! You'll be happy you chose the twill for your Meringue, and the linen is lovely.