Social Sunday

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Another social weekend! We went out for dinner and drinks for my "brother" Brandon's birthday. Brandon isn't really my brother, but one day someone truly thought we were brother and sister and it has made us laugh ever since.

I went out for Thai food with some good friends and ended up making new friends as well.

 Happy burstday, Brandon!

 Myself, Luke, and Curtis.

 Luke didn't want to be in the photo, but Curtis did. When does Curtis not want to be in a photo though?

 Hayley and I. We met for the first time a couple of months ago, but last night was the first time we got to talk and I adore her! She is a sweet girl and hopefully I will see more of her, that is if she ever has a free moment! She's in four or five bands (this is one of them), works forty hours a week, AND is starting a local magazine. Busy!!

Snuck in another photo of my handsome husband.

Today we hung out with our friends, Matt and Shawntel, had a nice lunch, and now we are sitting in our nice warm house, with brownies baking in the oven. Another good weekend!

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