Pattern dilema

Debi asked a good question over at The Sew Weekly "are you a pattern first or fabric first type of sewist?" Well, normally I am the pattern first type, but then I got to thinking about these red shoes.

I bought them for myself last year and haven't even worn them yet. Isn't that terrible? Then I started thinking about why I haven't worn them and it's because I don't have an outfit for them. I imagine myself wearing them with a light pink dress, maybe with some light yellow details...? But I still need a pattern, any recommendations? Does this make me an accessories first type of sewist? :)


  1. oohhh! Fabulous shoes!! I definitely think it's accessories first. I think that goes quite well with being a pattern first type person. I love picking a pair of shoes and then building a mini-wardrobe around them! Can't wait to see what you make to match these gems!!

  2. Oh yes, the good ol' pattern or fabric causality.. I'm always the pattern first, purely because I can't handle the idea of not having enough fabric on hand, or just as bad - having too much! Even if I'm in a fabric store & fall head over heels for something special, I pull out my phone which has a list of all the patterns I own & their fabric requirements. Hmm, re-reading that makes me seem a tad wierd... But it works!

  3. No, that's not weird at all!! It sounds amazing, I wish I was that organized!